How to Produce a Quality Low Budget Music Video for Free

You can produce a quality music video below low-budget. You could actually do it for free. Well, if you count time, then technically it’s not free, but you get the idea.  I just wrapped up production of Richie Alexander’s new music video for Soundication and we got it done with the two “q’s” – quickly and quality.

One of the things to keep in mind is LOCATION.  You may have a million dollar location right in your backyard, neighborhood or city.  Find that location and use it as your backdrop.  In this video we used mostly Hollywood – the train station and surrounding areas to be specific.

Another thing to keep in mind is to PERFORM.  Performing is crucial in the music video production process.  Make sure you or the artist performing is giving their all at all times.  I was lucky to be working with a season performer that knew how to play his role, even after many takes.

TAKE RISKS and go and do things other people are afraid to do.  Shoot at a place you shouldn’t be or capture footage from something you shouldn’t.  This could lead to a very interesting music video and your production value skyrockets.

DO IT BY YOURSELF.  You don’t need thirty people following you and helping you.  Just grab your camera and shoot the damn video.  Sometimes it’s as simple as that.

HAVE FUN.  The main part of it all is to have fun.  Having fun will translate into your project.  Keep your goal in mind and work towards it, but overall make sure you and everyone working with you is having fun.  It will turn out great if you do.

Now check out this video we shot in Hollywood.  Took us about eight hours and about a day of editing.  Now it’s in the can and I feel productive, ready for the next one…  Follow me on Twitter @qreyes and follow Soundication as well @soundication

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