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Jorge Ramos Gets Owned By Obama on Immigration Issue [VIDEO]

Jorge Ramos has shown he’s fearless, especially when it comes to defending immigrant rights. In this latest interview he showed President Obama that he’s not afraid of him. However, even though his attempt at getting answers was well meant, President Obama replied intelligently and his answer made sense.

When Jorge Ramos asked the president that if he had the power, how come he didn’t stop the deportations, Obama replied a little upset with the question. He went on to explain that the political process is not something that can be easily moved. He carried on to ask Jorge if he would be a voice to spread information to people regarding how they can take advantage of the new opportunity to be here legally.

At one point Jorge Ramos even say that people called the President “Deporter-in-Chief” – the President quickly replied that he [Jorge] was the one calling him that. This was quite a serious-funny exchange.

Here’s the interview:

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