Karma is for Weirdos

Karma is for Weirdos

When I used to think of Karma, I used to think that it was a concept that pacifist weirdos came up with in order to live life in a relaxed manner. That was until I was just laying in bed a moment ago and it all made sense to me, in a different way.

Karma is the Being, for lack of a better term, that is truly on top of the food chain. We might think that we are in control of what happens day in and day out, but this Karma is the true controller. But it is a mutual situation, and both parties need each other.

When we break an egg, we break the possibility of that egg harvesting life. And when we live our lives breaking, what we get in return is broken. Attempting to stay positive is not good enough to harvest a good life, but actually Being positive and facilitating life is the only way to achieve harmony.

I realize that I might sound like one of those weirdos I never wanted to become, but I stopped judging the “cool” way to live and I let go, or at least made the constant attempt, to not be attached to temporary moments.

Moments pass like the seconds of time and they never return. A moment can never be twice. That one moment its all it is. Once gone, it ceases to exist.

It has taken me quite a while to reach this moment, and I am very curious to see how long until the next moment is here. But in reality, life is but one long moment. If that moment pauses, then that moment is no longer a moment.

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