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Nice Guys Finish Last

Women like nice guys, but they LOVE assholes. Ever wonder why women stay in unstable relationships? Why they’re always crying after that guy that has no interest in them? Well, it’s quite simple: Women want what they can’t get. They want that purse they can’t afford and those shoes that don’t fit them.

Nice guys for the most part get taken advantage of. They don’t stand a chance against an asshole that is willing to take their girl, use her, then give her back. That’s what happens to nice guys – they get their girls taken from them. So if you’re a nice guy reading this… WISE UP! Man up! Become the man you’re supposed to be. You’re not meant to be all “sensitive” and “caring” and “loving”. You were made to be a machine of destruction. To hunt animals and to bring food back home, all bloody from the trip.

Real men are not concerned with a woman’s emotional status, because a real man knows she will go through mood swings from one second to the next. One day she’ll feel one way, the next she’ll feel another way. So you have to be an idiot to get on that emotional rollercoaster with her. Instead, let her have all the emotions, and you just take care of what you need to take care of as a man.

Sure you can buy her gifts, and have meaningful conversations, and give her a backrub and tell her how beautiful she is… but NOT ALL THE TIME! She will get tired of all the niceness all the time. Change it up a bit sometimes. Pick her up late, start a random fight, hang up the phone on her, do things that will throw her off. This gives you a chance to entertain her need for drama. Because no matter what you think, WOMEN LOVE DRAMA. She needs interesting things to talk to her friends about. When her co-workers share the stories of the assholes they love, your woman should have a story or two about you. If she doesn’t have those stories with you, she will just talk to them about her asshole ex-boyfriend then.

Don’t finish last like the other nice guys. Let your “inner asshole” come out once in a while. I’m speaking of doing non-physical things, of course. Don’t ever touch her in a violent manner. But I’m speaking about throwing out a random insult once in a while. Tell her her hair looks like if she just woke up, or that her blouse looks dirty. Just random asshole comments to upset her for just a bit, then you can bring it back with a “but you’re still cute”. Example: “Those are some really ugly shoes… but you’re still cute though”. She will be so confused… and that confusion is called “interest”. Become interesting, stop being all “sensitive” and saying shit like “I love your eyes”. Instead point out she’s got a bugger in her nose once in a while.

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