Not Having Columbus Day Sucks

A few alternatives to the Columbus Day could be "Albert Einstein Day" or "Ghandi Day" or "Selena Day", in reality, who cares.

Columbus Day is dying out and for good reason.  Christopher Columbus was not a very nice man, its all I’ll say to not go into the grusome, disturbing details of killing Native Americans.  But in reality what was Columbus Day?  Wasn’t it just another barbecue grill red hot, cold beer, and football game day?

On Columbus Day no one ever dressed up in old Eurpean outfits and infected their neighbors with chicken poxs and yellow fever, at least as known history shows.  It was a day off.  A day to spend with the family and simply do what you do on a Sunday, but on a Monday.

Columbus Day was a great excuse for retail store’s sales, and a good day, wheather permiting, to do something fun, outside of the weekend.

My defense is not of the meaning of the day, but the actual day off that the country enjoyed.  Some people to make a point, are fighting hard to get rid of the day.  I say we don’t get rid of the day and just change the name.  Something that means more than genocide.

A few alternatives to the Columbus Day could be “Albert Einstein Day” or “Ghandi Day” or “Selena Day”, in reality, who cares.  Just give people the right to have a day off!  No one knows the difference between “Labor Day” and “Presidents Day”.

Oh, and did you know John McCain was against a “Martin Luther King Day?”  Yep.   It’s true.

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