Too Much To Do, Leads To Nothing Done

Sometimes I get very ambitious and come up with a million things that I want to do.  I even get organized and write everything down on a list.  I may even come up with plans on how to get everything done.  The problem is that it’s way too much.  It’s an unrealistic list, and even though individually every thing on there could get done, the fact is that as a group it’s nothing more than an overwhelming to do list.  This usually makes me want to focus on other things, like playing a video game or checking my Facebook.

So in order to be more productive, I have made it a goal to do less.  That’s right.  I will no do a million things.  I will focus on a few key things that I’m passionate about and I will get those done, and I will get them done correctly.  Ambition is good when controlled, but out of control, it can de-focus you.

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