Top 10 Reason Men Love Big Girls

If you’ve ever driven a car on a winding mountain road then you know that curves are exciting. There’s something about a rounded angle that makes men go crazy, and women with curves are no exception.  Here are the Top 10 Reasons why men LOVE big girls.

10. BETTER COOKS – Big women tend to be better cooks, and what man doesn’t love that!?

9. WARMER BODIES FOR CUDDLING – If you get cold at night, then you’re missing a big woman in your life.

8. GENERALLY MORE INTERESTING – Big women tend to be more interesting because there’s usually more to explore… about their personalities.

7. WATCH MOVIES BETTER– Bigger women tend to watch movies better, especially romantic comedies or dramas where someone dies at the end of the movie.  Make sure you grab a LARGE popcorn.

6. BETTER AT SPELLING AND TYPING – Bigger women usually studied harder in high school, making them better at spelling and typing than their smaller counterparts.

5. GREAT COMMUNICATORS – When you’re bigger, it may translate into having more to say; and having more to say translates into the need to communicate more effectively, which is something bigger women have mastered.

4. GET READY FASTER – The irony is that bigger women tend to get ready a lot faster than skinny women. This means that if you hate waiting for your significant other to get ready, then you may be in need of a bigger woman in your life.

3. AMAZING SINGERS – There might be some truth in the saying, “It ain’t over until the big lady sings”.  That’s because bigger women are usually better than average singers. Queen Latifah is a great singer.  Kelly Clarkson and Jessica Simpson both sung better when they got bigger.

2. BETTER CO-WORKERS – Bigger women tend to be more loyal and understanding co-workers and are less likely to accuse someone of sexual harassment.

1. THEY LOVE YOU BACK! – Bigger women tend to give their all – all of it – when they fall in love. There’s no better feeling than loving someone who loves you back.  Big women love big time!

The proof is in the pudding (no pun intended)! Big women have A LOT to offer!

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