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Women don’t want a needy man! Read this!!

Why would a woman want a needy man? Ask yourself that question and you won’t get a good answer. Women are attracted to independence, self-sufficiency, and overall men that don’t need them. Sure, some women like to play “saviors” to needy men, but that wears off rather quickly.

If you become self-assured, and you have no doubt within yourself that you are a strong-willed, determined and ambitious man, you will notice that more women will be attracted to you. The only way to achieve this is by actually working on becoming the man you want to be. Basically, “fake it ’til you make it.”

Here are some tips:

1. Make decisions and stick to them! – Don’t worry about what she wants until she tells you she wants it (and trust me, she will tell you what she wants when she does). Until then, make decisions, appear to be 100% certain of your decision, and DO NOT CHANGE YOUR MIND! An indecisive man can be quite the turn off for women.

2. Act confident – Sure, maybe you’re not sure. It doesn’t matter… Try to keep an image of certainty at all times. You have to act and talk like if you knew what you are talking about (even if you don’t). The key is to not let her make decisions for you (because if you let her, she will make your decisions). Confidence is knowing that you are right (even if you’re not). If you’re not sure if you’re going to win, then you most likely won’t.

3. Don’t be too sensitive – A lot of guys nowadays have been castrated by the feminist movement. They feel they have to be “sensitive” and “empathetic”. The truth is that not caring too much can be a great weapon of attraction. If a woman feels too certain, she loses interest. You can maybe “relate” to her feelings – but do not try to “feel” her feelings. You’ll just look like a wuss afterwards.

4. Don’t be too real – Most women don’t like reality. They have an image of what a man should be, they grew up admiring “prince charming” and they will compare you to the “ideal” man they see in the movies and TV. So… play to their illusion. Become that prince charming by going above and beyond what a normal guy says and does. Don’t be realistic. Don’t talk about what’s happening in real life. Instead speak to those dreams and aspirations she has searched for. Those trips she’s always wanted, and how you would love to make them come true. Of course, you may not be able to make them come true, but the point is to give her something to hope for.

5. Get a job, make good money, work on your body, and live a fun life – The truth is that this tip is the most important one. In order for you to not be needy, you really need to NOT be needy. Get a good job (by whatever means possible), start a business or do something to make sure you don’t need anyone for money. Workout, get a sixpack, do what you have to do to your body to get in tip top shape. Lastly, submerge yourself into whatever you consider fun. Whether it’s video games or drinking or partying or whatever. Occupy yourself with things that make yourself happy, and that way you won’t NEED a woman to make you happy. Sure it’s nice if you can have someone to share your happiness, but at the end of the day it’s YOUR happiness.

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