working through sickness

Working Through Being Sick

working through sicknessWhen you work for yourself you have no sick days.  I’ve felt like crap this week, still work has to get done. I’ve been trying to figure out how to maintain a level of energy that allows me to keep pushing on. It’s so hard to get up in the morning, let alone stay at the hustle level I like to stay in. When your throat is burning, your eyes are heavy, you’re coughing and sniffling is hard to get anything done. When will-power is low and you just want to say fuck it and lay in bed all day. How do you beat all of this?

Obviously we all get sick at one point or another, so how do NBA players still go out to the court and play while they have the flu? Or any athlete in general? Where do they get that motivation to at least give an attempt to compete. If I was able to figure that out, then I can work through any symptom of illness. In fact, working through sickness is what will separate you from your competition. Not only will you get ahead and still move forward during your sickness, but you will come out stronger after you’re not sick anymore.

It’s not an easy task, but it’s also not impossible. Sure plenty of rest and hydration is necessary in the physical sense, but the ultimate motivator inside of you should be able to shine through anything. Imagine the confidence you will have if you’re able to work through any sickness. Once you’re healthy you’ll feel invincible.

I guess it’s a matter of mentally fighting your body. Sometimes your body will win, but in the end your mind has to show that it’s more powerful.

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