Author: Keu Reyes

TV Writer and Producer specializing in comedy and animation, both in English and Spanish.

You’re Not a Victim of this Moment

Stop making excuses and do what you need to do. No one forces you to keep living the life you are living. If you don’t like your condition, change your condition. Don’t get caught up on a No Way Street. If you don’t have it, then create it!

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Fred The Godson Album Finally Here

Fred The Godson’s album is finally here. Say no more. If you don’t know who Fred The Godson is, then I don’t know what to tell you. 🤷🏽‍♂️ INTRO SERMON TOO FAT PUT IN WORK SHE CALL ME GOD THE CITY STREETS OF THE BRONX RUSH WE GONE FLY MONEY…

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Interview with Luke Eve and Maria Albiñana from the series “Cancelled”

When the current pandemic arrived in this world it forced Luke Eve and Maria Albiñana to cancel their wedding. As a side effect of the lockdown, they were stuck at home with his mother. Instead of becoming victims, they decided to do a superbly written series where they touch on…

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How the current lockdown is affecting Small Businesses

Small businesses are struggling while big corporations will strive after this lockdown. Here we speak with a small business owner and his plans for when all of this is over.

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Why You Need Earmuffs and Earplugs to Block Out Sound

Many of us like to live in the city for various reasons. One, compared to the rural areas, there are more opportunities for jobs and education. EVen though there is also work available in smaller cities, nothing compared to the skyscrapers of the concrete jungle. It is also a well-known…

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When is it time to set new goals?

I feel happy and accomplished. Thats one of the main giveaways that it’s time to set new goals. Yet, what if there was an app that would do this for you? An app that can look at your life and make decisions on your goals – without asking you. An…

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