Author: Keu Reyes
TV Writer and Producer specializing in comedy and animation, both in English and Spanish.

Scam Alert: Success Resources America

These people call themselves “Success Resources America” and through social media they use the handle @SRASuccess. If you see them running ads on your social media timeline, report them, and DO NOT purchase tickets to their events. I made that

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Visiting the San Francisco Mission – Pupusas – Atole – Taqueria El Farolito – Grand Coffee

Got in this Southwest airlines plane and headed out to San Francisco, California – the “Paris of the West.” Full of trend setters, culture, and some of the most amazing food anywhere. There are so many places to go in San

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How To Pitch a TV Show (Things NOT to do) – Interview with Rene Aguirre

This is an interview with Rene Aguirre (Twitter: @MrReneAguirre) who has been in the TV industry for many years in a variety of positions (Presently with Arsonhouse Entertainment ) In this video we discuss some of his professional trajectory

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Who Killed Craig Mack?

May Craig Mack rest in peace. Yet, there’s this weird feeling I have that something is up with his passing. Yeah, perhaps it was just heart failure, health issues, etc. But the feeling that there’s more to the story remains

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Is the #OscarsSoWhite movement really effective?

oscars so white

#OscarsSoWhite is a movement to create awareness and demand inclusion of minorities in the Oscars nominations and awards given. Yet, asking to be included doesn’t mean anything if the institution that you’re asking is founded in the basis of exclusion

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Giselle Fernandez Interview – The Keu Reyes Project – Artistic Warfare Podcast

My interview with my mentor and inspiration Giselle Fernandez. Not only is she a five-time Emmy award-winning journalist, producer, filmmaker and Latin media marketing entrepreneur, but she is also a philanthropist and a selfless giver to to all of society.

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Gummo Reaction + Israel Lanuza + Wendy Zulca (Tetita Song) Snapping

Gummo Reaction + Israel Lanuza + Wendy Zulca (Tetita Song) Snapping

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Lobster Mac & Cheese Plus Jamaican Beef Patties (Eating Out)

In this episode of Eating Out – Lobster Mac & Cheese by Chef Frank and Jamaican Beef Patties in Pasadena, California.

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Latinos Be Like… (According to Katt Williams)

katt williams cartoon

Funny man Katt Williams has strong opinions about how Latinos Be Like… Here’s an animated take on those opinion.

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Who is Ciré the Maestro? Interview with a musical prodigy.

In this episode I interview Ciré the Maestro – who is a musician living in Los Angeles via New Orleans. He’s currently working on a jazz-fushion album. During the episode I play a little bit of his song The World

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I Love Micheladas – Michelada Mix Review

During an event for Latina Nerd (an organization set out to empower Latina women in business and technology) I’ve got a hold of some ILoveMichelada Mix. Truth is, this mix from is probably one of the best ones I’ve

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Is the Coca Cola “Names on Cans” Campaign Racist?

coke can racist names

Coca Cola has a marketing campaign where you can put your name on the can. This campaign seems like a fun way to share the product and the facts of the matter is that it has been quite successful. Obviously,

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Who is Bill Clinton’s Secret Love Child Son? Is it Danney Williams?

danney willaiam bill clinton son and mother

Rumors, allegations and accusations have always followed the Clintons everywhere they’ve been. But one allegation that has not gone away is whether Bill Clinton has a secret love child – a Black son by the name of Danney Williams.  Danney

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Jeffrey Toobin Gets Owned

Jeffrey Toobin gets owned – big time!  Jeffrey Toobin is an alleged lawyer and senior legal expert for CNN. He always take the “anti” position on any issue, especially when dealing with President Trump. His hatred for the current government

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When you’ve got this kind of boss…😂

This is a clip from TELE-VISIÓN – the behind the scenes of a Spanish-language TV network. Go to to watch more.

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CNN Refuses to Report Puerto Rico Voting to Become a State. WHY?

For whatever the reason, CNN downplays the fact that Puerto Ricans voted in favor of becoming the 51st state of the United States. Why? And why all the lack of coverage by the media regarding this big issue?

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T-Mobile Ripoff and Tricks Customers with Deceptive and Unethical Business Practices

tmobile ripoff customers

It’s no secret that T-Mobile ripoff and tricks customers with deceptive and unethical business practices. They advertise one cost, yet they charge another. They also make up charges and create fake taxes in order to charge customers more. In this

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Where and How to Find Motivation

Where do you find motivation? How do you find motivation? Is it an external force that you must find in the first place? Or is there a way to find such motivation from within ourselves? Listen or download the episode

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Greg Kading Interview – LAPD officer in charge of the Tupac and Biggie murder investigations.

Greg Kading is the former LAPD officer in charge of the Tupac and Biggie murder investigations. In this interview he goes into details about the investigations, exploring topics as specific as allegations that Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs was the man

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Be Careful Where You Get Advice

Advice is all the praise. Everyone advises that you should listen to advice. But all advice is not created equal. There’s some extremely bad advice out there. So there are some things you must analyze before taking any advice to

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