Author: Keu Reyes

TV Writer and Producer specializing in comedy and animation, both in English and Spanish.

Congestive Heart Success – Alternative Thinking to Congestive Heart Failure

This video is about Congestive Heart Success. You’re obviously not dead if you’re reading this. I say that’s a pretty big deal, and it’s great news.

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Is there room for a better, new form of government?

Democracy is actually an extremely outdated form of government, if you analize it closely, it was formed somewhere around the year 508 or 507 BC. It has been over 2500 years since that type of government was introduced, and it was meant to be a way to rule, for the…

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Scam Alert: Success Resources America

These people call themselves “Success Resources America” and through social media they use the handle @SRASuccess. If you see them running ads on your social media timeline, report them, and DO NOT purchase tickets to their events. I made that mistake a while back and purchased Tony Robbins and Gary…

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Visiting the San Francisco Mission – Pupusas – Atole – Taqueria El Farolito – Grand Coffee

Got in this Southwest airlines plane and headed out to San Francisco, California – theĀ “Paris of the West.” Full of trend setters, culture, and some of the most amazing food anywhere. There are so many places to go in San Francisco, but in this occasion I decided to visit the…

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How To Pitch a TV Show (Things NOT to do) – Interview with Rene Aguirre

This is an interview with Rene Aguirre (Twitter: @MrReneAguirre) who has been in the TV industry for many years in a variety of positions (Presently with Arsonhouse Entertainment ) In this video we discuss some of his professional trajectory as well as some do’s and don’ts when pitch TV…

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Who Killed Craig Mack?

May Craig Mack rest in peace. Yet, there’s this weird feeling I have that something is up with his passing. Yeah, perhaps it was just heart failure, health issues, etc. But the feeling that there’s more to the story remains with me. Here’s my take on the Craig Mack situation:

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