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Is Bordertown Racist? Excuse my Spanish, but… What the f*** does Seth MacFarlane know about living at the border? What the f*** does Mark Hentemann know about being Mexican? If you don’t know, these are the executive producers of the Fox animated series “Bordertown.” Two White guys, that even White […]

Seth MacFarlane’s Bordertown…

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Jorge Ramos has shown he’s fearless, especially when it comes to defending immigrant rights. In this latest interview he showed President Obama that he’s not afraid of him. However, even though his attempt at getting answers was well meant, President Obama replied intelligently and his answer made sense. When Jorge […]

Jorge Ramos Gets Owned By Obama on Immigration Issue [VIDEO]

I had the pleasure to talk a little bit with Grammy-award winning musical group “La Santa Cecilia” about immigration equality and immigrant children being held as political prisoners in the US border.

Chatting about Immigration with La Santa Cecilia