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A real classic will always be a classic. DJ Premier has to be one of the dopest producers real hip hop has ever seen. Nas, on another level. Rakim, classic’s classic. KRS-One – you know what’s good with that man. Kanye, at this time was on that classic level too. […]

Classic – DJ Premier, Rakim, Nas, Kanye West, KRS One ...

dee 1, 50 cent, jay z, lil, wayne
This dude Dee-1 was way ahead of his time with this video back in 2010. He spoke to Jay Z, 50 cent and Lil Wayne a few year ago through this song, and the crazy part about it, is that it’s still all relevant. I wish more hip hop artist […]

Jay Z, 50cent, and Lil Wayne get some advice from ...

drake draft day naked girl 1
This has to be one of the weirdest videos I’ve seen. Mostly because I couldn’t figure out “Why!???” Still, I enjoyed it. The video was directed by Ashley Smith?? (That’s a whole other story, LOL). You can find more from this person at their website here. Check it out (Don’t […]

Drake “Draft Day” Abstract Music Video CRAZY AF!! (Not Safe ...

coodie chike 1
Some things go together: Peanut Butter and Jelly, Rice and Beans, Coffee and Cup and Coodie and Chike. These guys have figured out a way to continue making original and creative music videos. Not much of the same ‘ole things from other music videos out there that show someone just […]

Super Music Video Directing Team – Coodie and Chike

joeybadass 1
This joint right here!!! Hot, hot, hot!! BUT – You gotta give it up to music video directors Coodie and Chike!! Their production quality and creativity goes hand and hand with the feel of the track and smooth lyrics. Their work keeps getting better and better. Truly inspiring. If you […]

Joey Badass “Unorthodox” Produced by DJ Premier

alex from target
Alex From Target, the Target-employee that became an overnight viral internet sensation is taking advantage of his newfound fame and has officially released a brand new music video that showcases his good looks and singing ability as well. Here’s the official video. Rejoice in his boyish good looks and angelic […]

Alex from Target Official Music Video #alexfromtarget

Just wrapped up Cesar Lizardo’s “Amarte Mas” bachata – merengue mix music video and I can’t be anything more than grateful for everyone that help me make this come true. First, want to thank Cesar for going with the flow. It’s a great song, its creative and it hits both […]

Wrapped up Cesar Lizardo Amarte Mas Music Video

You can produce a quality music video below low-budget. You could actually do it for free. Well, if you count time, then technically it’s not free, but you get the idea.  I just wrapped up production of Richie Alexander’s new music video for Soundication and we got it done with […]

How to Produce a Quality Low Budget Music Video for ...

Este es el nuevo vídeo de Richie Alexander “Querer Y No Tener”. Opinen que piensan de la ceja y el maquillaje de Richie en su nuevo vídeo. Vean el look de un  maquillaje  profesional a un hombre para hacerlo ver mas atractivo. Chicos recuerden que una ceja bien hecha y […]

Ceja y Maquillaje Masculino en el Video de Richie Alexander

Just wrapped up shooting a couple of videos with the super talented singer and songwriter Richie Alexander. We’re on fire collaborating for Soundication – which is a new development and production network for independent artists. Make sure you follow Soundication on twitter @soundication and and check out our first video […]

Querer Y No Tener MUSIC VIDEO Richie Alexander