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5 Conversation Topics to Keep a Woman Interested

Women are complex beings. If you intend to keep their minimal interest in a conversation, then it better be good. If you’re talking to a woman about the weather, then she better be a meteorologist and you better be wowing her about something she didn’t know. Otherwise, chances are you come across as just an average Joe, which is fine if you name is Joe, but being average is not acceptable.

So what I’ve done is compile a list of topics that come in very handy when trying to keep a woman interested in a conversation:

1) DESTINY vs. FREE WILL – Ask her if she believes in coincidences. If she says yes, then she believes in Destiny. If she says no, then she believes in Free Will. Notice that the two are very different. Meaning that you will be able to tell a lot about her from this answer. After she answers, follow up with “So this moment that is happening right now (meaning you two having a conversation) is it a coincidence or did you make it happen with your free will? This is a deep conversation and if you handle it right, you will most definitively keep her interested.

2) WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF 5 YEARS FROM NOW? – Women love planning, so this question will spark a ten-hour long rant about her identity. All you have to do is listen up closely, pay attention, nod your head and let her know that she’s got a great plan. If she answers that she doesn’t know, then tell her YOUR 5-year plan, but make sure it’s a whacky one. Like “I want to buy a frog farm in Nebraska” or “I want to start a bathroom-cleaning service in Japan”.

3) ASTROLOGY – You don’t need to be an expert, you just need to generalize well. Once you find out her sign, you can have the same conversation about it with just about anybody. Whether she’s a Sagittarius, Cancer, Scorpio or whatever, just tell her what her sign means: “You are a person that likes the better things in life.” “You sometimes can be very indecisive.” or my favorite “Your sign is very compatible with mine… (and give her your random explanation of why the signs are compatible)”. Now, it doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong, the point is that you keep her interested. And if she calls you out on your BS, then that’s interesting, too. Laugh and keep the conversation going. Everyone likes to hear about themselves.

4) ATM – Ask her what is her ATM card pin number. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s exactly the point! You want to talk about topics that she’s never heard before. She will probably look at you crazy and not give you her pin, but you proceed telling her that “You can tell a lot about someone from their ATM pin number.” Then after, go ahead and give her YOUR ATM pin number (of course not the real one). Then start guessing what her ATM pin number might be, along with her Facebook and email passwords (based on her looks or personality). This topic is good and funny, but it is a bit tricky and can go sour if she doesn’t have a sense of humor, so make sure to only use it with girls that can undertand a joke.

5) ASK HER ADVICE – Women LOVE giving advice. So simply make up a situation where her opinion is necessary. An example would be that “You’re thinking about going back to school” or that “You’re thinking about buying a new car”. These situations don’t have to be real, they just have to prompt her insight. She’ll tell you all the pros and cons of your pending decision.

This list is composed of mere examples for inspiration. In the real world, sometimes a conversation has many other elements, such as the environment, mood, etc. So make your own list mentally and keep it handy. The point is not to be caught without something to talk about. Keep her interested with interesting topics. Make a habit of not talking about things that everyone is talking about, unless you have a very unique perspective on the topic.

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