Don’t Give Her Too Much Too Soon

As men, we tend to work on results and not the process. This means that we do whatever it takes to get things done. Women, however, are a bit different. They’re process-driven. They pay attention to the details on the way to a destination.

If you want to keep a woman’s interest, giving her all you’ve got the moment you meet her will only push her away (if she doesn’t call the cops first).

What’s the key? Pace yourself!

You can show a woman what a great guy you are when the time is right. Do it slowly. Make it interesting for her. Keep her discovering new great things about you. Surprise her with new things that make her want you more and more, slowly.

Sending her flowers a day after you meet her is not only corny, but must women will see it as a desperate attempt in your part to get some sort of attention. She knows you don’t really know who she is since you barely met. She’ll see right through you. DON’T DO IT!

Instead, give her space. If you had a great time, let her think about if for a few days and let her want it again. If you start being too pushy or aggressive, she will see that you have nothing better to do with your life than to send her 20 texts per second.

Desperate guys are the type that will fall in love with every girl they meet, hoping that “they’re the one”.

A confident, SMART guy, will move slowly. Like a big jungle cat analyzing his prey. A SMART guy will entice her, will make her come to him. A woman wants to feel like she’s worth your attention, but a guy has to make her earn that attention. If you give her free attention, then your attention has no value. It’s free, which equals zero.

Some tips:

Don’t call her more than once – if she doesn’t return your call, then forget her.

Don’t leave messages – She’ll see the missed call. If she’s interested she’ll call you back.

If she calls back – don’t answer on the first ring.

Don’t text her questions – You can text one time “Hope you have a great day” or something that doesn’t require an answer. That way if she doesn’t reply you don’t feel like an idiot.

Don’t text her more than once – She’ll get your text. If interested, she’ll reply.

Don’t reply to a text right away – This is a no-no, just like answering on the first ring. Wait a few hours. The more you like her, the longer you should wait.

If on the phone, end the conversation first – End the conversation when it’s at its best. Leave her hanging on a good note. She’ll want more.

Don’t ask her out – Rather, tell her that you’ll be “somewhere” and that if she’s interested she should stop by. That way if she’s not interested you technically didn’t get rejected.

Get busy – Find something else to do so that you’re not thinking about this girl. Go to the gym and work on your sixpack, or go watch a game somewhere, hangout with your friends, or better yet, find another girl to keep your mind occupied and start the process all over with the new one.

Remember the key is to pace yourself! Don’t be a needy, pushy, attention-starved kind of guy. If she’s interested she won’t go anywhere. Time is on your side. Be disciplined and you’ll win every time.

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