How to Deal with Women’s Feelings and Emotions

For us men, it’s easy to forget that women are different than us.  We think that they think like we think.  We’re wrong!  Women have a different perspective, a different point of view and definitively a different way to measure satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness.

Men are simple and to the point, while women are complex and careful.  So how do you deal with the fragility of their state of being? Simple: Don’t take things personal.

Women will say and do things based on how they feel.  So what happens when those emotions they feel change (as all emotions do)? Well, whatever they said or did based on their previous emotional state is now irrelevant. So you have to forget all of it.

If you take things personal, being flexible is hard to do.  So all the drama comes from men not being able to adjust to a woman’s emotional swings.  You have to be able to let go of whatever happened five minutes ago and not look back, and not take it personal.  Most of the time women just want to “communicate” and “talk” about their feelings.  So men take this personal and start looking for ways to resolve whatever emotional issues are at hand.  That’s the mistake.  They’re not looking for a solution! They just want to express their feelings! They don’t want their feelings “resolved”. They’re not looking for a hero to save them from their emotions!  They just want you to listen to what those feelings are, then they will pass, and they’ll get new feelings they will tell you about.

So what’s the solution?  Just listen.  Don’t take action unless she directly tells you that’s what she wants.  Most of the time just listening is the key to getting along with women.  So in short, to deal with a woman’s feelings and emotions you have to listen, don’t take unwarranted actions and never take things personal.  Do this and she’ll feel like you care.


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