How to get out of the “friend zone”…

Ahhhh, the dreaded “friend zone”. This is the place where a girl might send you if you don’t play your cards right. I needed to write this article as soon as my friend asked me “well, how do you get out of the friend zone?” The answer is simple: Don’t go in the zone in the first place!

I realize that this is easier said than done. We men are very stubborned beings and we want whatever is not available. I’ve been guilty of this plenty of times and the deeper in the friend zone you get, the harder it becomes to get out. That’s why you’ve got to do the following:

1) DON’T BE FRIENDS WITH WOMEN YOU WANT TO SEDUCE – This is the most important rule you can follow in order not to enter the friend zone, or get out, for that matter. Women you want to seduce are NOT your friend. They’re your competition. They are the ones keeping you from getting them. So you have treat them like you’re in a contest you’re trying to win.

2) DON’T TRY TOO HARD – If they have the opportunity to tell you that “they only see you as a friend” then that’s your own fault. You PUSHED them too hard and in their self-defense mode they pushed you into the “friend zone”. So congratulations, you are now in “friend hell” and all because you had nothing better to do than to nag and pressure someone into being your “friend”.

3) DON’T PLAY THE NICE GUY – Girls don’t want a nice man. They say they do, but they don’t. They want assholes who treat them like shit. And if you’re not one of those assholes, then you’re automatically her “friend”. Worse, you’re her “friend” who has to hear all about the assholes she likes. You don’t have to treat her like shit, but you definitively don’t want to be Mr. Nice. Don’t kiss up to her. Make her understand that she’s human and breathes and walks like you do. Besides, there are millions of other women out there just like her, and you don’t need her “friendship”.

4) DON’T TRY TO FIX THINGS – If you are already in the friend zone the best way to get out is to walk away all together. Don’t try to fix things, because it will only make it worse. You can easily go from being in the “friend zone” into the “creepy guy won’t leave me alone” zone. Thread lightly and get the hell out of her way.

5) IF SHE’S NOT YOUR FRIEND, SHE’S YOUR ENEMY – Not literally, but the point is that you have to do the opposite you’ve done to get in the friend zone. If you were nice, stop being nice. If you cared, stop caring. If you told her how much you liked her, stop liking her.

6) HIT ON HER FRIENDS – Now we’re getting to the hearty techniques. Since she only sees you as a “friend”, then she shouldn’t mind if her friends see you as a “sexual god”. It should be okay with her, since her friends should be your friends too. So get to know her friends, establish a conversation with them… but DO NOT TALK ABOUT HER WITH HER FRIENDS. Treat her friends as individuals and let them feel like they have a chance to “win” you. If she gets upset that you’re hitting on her friends, then you may have some hope with her. If not, then have fun with her friends anyways!

7) WALK AWAY COMPLETELY – Finally, the last step should be number one. Just forget her. If she don’t see you as someone compatible, then it’s her loss. There are millions upon millions of women out there. Life’s too short to get stuck on that one that don’t want you. Count your losses and move on COMPLETELY. Maybe one day she’ll reconsider, but until then find another girl that likes you more than a friend.

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