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The Top Rated Prime-Time TV Shows are Animated

4 out of the top 10-rated shows were animation <– That’s what I wrote last Monday.  This week is no different, except the top-rated show on a Sunday prime-time slot is Family Guy – which in case you don’t know, its an animated comedy for adults. Is this all a big Coincidence? Or…

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4 of the Top 10 TV Shows are Animation

According to Nielsen, last night 40% of the Top 10 TV programs were animated shows… Any questions? 04.22.13 Preliminary National Ratings Show (Network) Rating(18-49) / Share Viewers(Millions)  The Amazing Race (CBS) 2.4/7 9.1  Once Upon a Time (ABC) 2.1/6 7.3  60 Minutes (CBS) 1.9/6 11.6  Family Guy (r) (Fox) 1.8/5…

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