The Woman You Want CHECKLIST

The biggest problem of not finding the right woman has to do with not knowing what is the right woman for you. Answering these questions honestly will help you pin point the woman that you truly want. After you know the woman you want, then you can make a plan to find/get her.

How important are looks for you? Very Important or Not Important?
Be honest about this question. Most people like good-looking people.

Do you want a woman that is older, younger, same age as you? This is important for you to narrow down where to find this person.

Do you want an intellectual woman (educated) or a party girl?
Be honest about this.

Do you like outgoing women or quiet women?

Are you most likely to find the girl you want at a church, library or dance club?
If you are likely to find the girl you want at a church, then don’t go to a dance club looking for her.

How desperate are you to find this girl?

If you need her right away, then what are you lacking within you that you have the need for someone else to fill that void?

Are there things you could be working on yourself that will help you find this person? Working on your body, for example? (Get to the gym!)

Do you already know this person you want or do you still need to search? Keep in mind that there are millions and millions of women in the entire world. So the odds of the right woman already being anywhere near you are very slim. The fact is that we don’t find this person, instead we CHOOSE this person.

Knowing that you can choose this person, would you choose any of the women you already know, or do you think there’s better out there?

Are you being realistic about the kind of woman you want? Or are you aiming too low? Do you think you can do better?  If so, what are some things you need to work on within yourself to do better?

This questionnaire is rhetorical and for you to ponder these questions beyond the questions themselves. You have to look within you to find the person you want. If you want a relationship really, really bad, then most likely you are lacking some things within you. Work on yourself and you’ll become more clear on the person that you want in your life.

One thing to start working on is a list of things that you need to work within yourself. Right now, WRITE DOWN 3 things you need to work on. Write it down and watch how your brain and body immediately gets ready to get those things done.

So basically the woman you want doesn’t exist. It’s more about what woman will you CHOOSE. But before you make a choice about a woman, spend some time to become the best YOU can be.

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