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Girls Like Guys That Smell Good

Do not underestimate the power of smell. On the contrary, use it to your advantage. No one wants to be around someone that smells bad. When you walk by a person that smells, you immediately change your view of that person. Whether is your breath or your clothes, or your body, you must smell to impress.

You don’t need a million dollars to smell like a million bucks. Smell is one key element in seduction and has been since animals have been present in this universe. Animals attract each other with a sense of smell, and we are part of those animals.

You may not realize it, but your smell may be attracting or pushing away prospective people in your life. You must always ensure that you smell right. Cheap cologne works better than not taking a shower. You have to invest in what works for you.

1) Your laundry must always be done. Even if you get used to the smell of your clothes, the fact is that everyone else can smell them. That’s a big turn off for women.

2) Bad breath is a killer. Not only for women, but for everyone around you. Brush your teeth as much as possible and always keep your breath in check with gum or mouthwash.

3) Body odor is a No-No-Hell-No-No! Do not get to the point where you can smell yourself. That is not attractive to women at all! Take AT LEAST one shower per day, and make sure you wear antiperspirant deodorant.

4) Wear a smell that suits you. Don’t wear a cologne just because it costs a lot of money. Sometimes mixing a couple of cheap colognes goes a long way in smelling good and unique. But even if it’s a god body lotion, always make sure you smell good. Not only does it make you feel good, but it will help you be more attractive.

Smelling good is a small, yet important part of seduction. You can’t cut corners regarding this. Work hard at smelling good, keep yourself and your clothes smelling great. Women always remember pleasant smells, and when they smell your cologne somewhere it will automatically remind them of you. Take advantage and make good-smelling memories.

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