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Why you shouldn’t tell people your plans. [VIDEO]

When you set goals and plans in motion, you spend energy making them happen. That energy sometimes can be “stolen” by other people’s lack of energy. The best thing to do is to keep your plans to yourself. I explain why in this video:

How to Produce a Quality Low Budget Music Video for Free

You can produce a quality music video below low-budget. You could actually do it for free. Well, if you count time, then technically it’s not free, but you get the idea.  I just wrapped up production of Richie Alexander’s new music video for Soundication and we got it done with...CONTINUE READING
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Great TV Show Ideas That Got Turned Down

Here are some great TV shows ideas that didn’t make it… CSI: ARIZONA – The crime here is looking like an immigrant. CHECK INTO CASH – Game show where contestants get cash advances from their payroll checks. SURVIVOR: JUAREZ – This is a ladies-only game show where no one might...CONTINUE READING
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